Dat Phan

A very funny Vietnamese!

3 minutes 29 sec
Lady freaking out on her lawn mower. I know how she feels.

1 minute 51 sec

Fart lighting gone wrong?

27 sec

I believe I can fly...

1 minute 27 sec

Baskin Robins "Eat your Peas"

15 sec

Interview with high pitched guest...

5 minutes 9 sec

Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg Part 3

9 Minutes 8 sec
Zip it!

52 sec

Dr. Evil and Scott on Jerry Springer

2 minutes 28 sec

I've got to give it to Jim Carrey. He can be Hilarious!
Beginning to "Ace Ventura"
The HDS Package

1 minute 17 sec

A compilation of funny things that have happened, while trying to broadcast the news.

2 minutes 35 sec

Happy Gilmore

Two scenes that I like a lot.

47 sec

46 sec

Steven Wright

As soon as I saw this guy I knew it would be funny. I've seen him on TV before and he's always funny to me.
Steven Wright

6 minutes 23 sec
I laugh every time I see this commercial!

30 sec

Funny Car's

1 minute 29 sec

"I believe in Miracles"

1 minute 29 sec

This lady is a little crazy I think?
WOTC Reporter Don Logana, live in Savanna.

3 minutes 33 sec

See it on You Tube?

These guys must have been wasted! They called it "Ass Rocket"

1 minute 11 sec

Night at the Roxbury clips with song
"what is love"

5 minutes 25 sec

Scene from Napoleon Dynamite
Jamiroquai "just dance"

2 minutes 56 sec

Not too smart...
Two guys trying to break in somewhere.

17 sec

Grandmas Boy

Some of the best scenes from the movie "Grandma's Boy".

9 minutes 36 seconds
Woops! That could have been bad?

Scene from "Tommy Boy"

"Fridays" Funny Parts

9 minutes 57 sec

Funny Caveman

30 sec

Geico commercial
One of my favorites.

29 sec

#1greenthumb thank u!!!

Even though that's not you...?

Hopefully you get a laugh out of them like I did.

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