John Pinette

John Pinette at the radio station KOLA on January 12th, 2007.

5 minutes 2 seconds

Here he is at good day alabama (fox 7). The ending takes a certain twist but I like it.

6 minutes 46 seconds

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Good ole G.W. Bush.
This video never gets old for me. It always puts a smile upon my face. Even when I have a hangover.

3 minutes 7 seconds

Oh Billy

From the movie Cable Guy, the hilarious Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick.

30 seconds


There is just something about drunk people that makes me laugh almost every time.

The Greatest Magician Ever

This guy is good!

2 minutes 5 seconds

Library Farting

3 minutes 30 seconds

Tom Papa

This guy is hilarious! I remember seeing this back when and it's still funny.

5 minutes 1 second

The Best Part Of "Old School"

Will Ferrell takes a tranquilizer to the jugular! Makes me laugh every time!

2 minutes 19 seconds
Although it probably wouldn't be funny in actual life. I wouldn't know?

Kirk Fox "smirnoff and sonic"


31 seconds


41 seconds

Kirk Fox "the comedy festival"

It seems like he becomes a bit more comfortable, pass the half way mark.

6 minutes 51 seconds
Kirk Fox

John Oliver "one long sentence"
Preview - John Oliver - National Pride
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1 minute 49 seconds

Triumph The Comedy Dog

Some unseen footage at the beginning of this video. At least I have not seen it. Always funny, the insulting comedic dog, Triumph!

10 minutes 31 seconds

Lucas Molandes on "Going To Bars"

49 seconds
I agree the lighting in bars could be better. Thats why I lite a cigarette close enough to their face so I can see.

Bad Drivers

People bailing and fender bending. Horrible drivers in the snow, one after the other.

1 minute 31 seconds

"I'm F*#@^ing Matt Damon" by Sarah Silverman

From the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Sarah has something important to tell Jim.

5 minutes 23 seconds

Muslim On A Treadmill

This Muslim has never been on a treadmill before and gets the run of his life!

2 minutes
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