Paul Hunt

A gymnastics must see. I didn't think I would laugh but I did!

1 minute 40 seconds

Just Curious?

Curiosity can sometimes overcome our Wisdom?


I can't believe that there are over 24 million views and I had not seen this video before! If your like me and have not seen this your in for a real treat. I hope you like...

4 minutes 1 second

More of Daniel Tosh

7 minutes 10 seconds

Daniel Tosh

Simply hysterical!

4 minutes 13 seconds
I like how he talks about plastic surgery and how it makes them look like they are on the inside,"fake". Also how other countries probably perceive us.

Can't Stop Laughing

A compilation of people laughing on television.

3 minutes 26 sec

Colleen Lopez

Some lady calls in and tries to get Colleen to remember some bracelet. Colleen becomes hysterical.

3 minutes 2 sec

Prison Break

These two guys were made for each other!

29 seconds

The Perfect Smile

Classic Computer Scare

about 52 seconds
This poor lady gets scared right out of her chair. It's great!

Groundhog Day Special

One of the funniest movies of all time starring Bill Murry "Groundhog Day". Here are three of the funniest parts of the movie, the first one Ned gets knocked out.

27 seconds

In this one Ned does the kinky sound at the end.

34 seconds

Phil acts gay and Ned gets a little uncomfortable in this video.

19 seconds
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