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Jon Reep - Guy on a Cell Phone
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1 minute 9 seconds
Have you ever been annoyed by a person on their cell phone in public? I've had it happen a couple times where the person was wearing a bluetooth phone in their ear and I thought they were talking to me. When in fact they were not. Then they give me a weird look like I should have know they were on the phone.


4 minutes 56 seconds
I didn't know Justin Timberlake could be funny but in this skit from Saturday Night Live he proves that he can sing and be funny at the same time.

"The Actors Studio" With Dave Chapelle

Up and down with Joe Lipton. Funny though!

About 1 hour and 30 minutes

First Dates Can Be A Little Uncomfortable

This video plays automatically, sorry. Hope you like it. It is a bit vulgar for those virgin ears out there.

Hooters Unveiled

Hooters without the Hooters!

5 minutes 10 seconds
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