Weatherman And A Cockroach

This guy sounds like a girl when a cockroach crawls on his leg and then later returns for more.

51 seconds

Need Some Tissue With That Bee

At first I thought this was fake but now I'm unsure? It does look like something may be flying around possibly a bee with tissue paper attached. I thought it was humorous. Lets see what you think?

14 seconds

Triumph And J-Lo

33 seconds
Triumph at the VMA's about 4 or 5 years ago.

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog At A Star Wars Fest

3 minutes 49 seconds
Ripping on nerds is too easy for this comic dog. When the trekkie shows up, now that was hysterical!

Collision Course

The look on this lady's face is hilarious right before she gets run over by another athlete!

40 seconds

Jimmy Kimmel Vs. Eminem On The Court

Loser gets a tat of the other persons face on their body!

4 minutes 31 seconds

Have You Ever Been This Drunk?

11:00 minutes
Hilarious as this guy tries his best to buy more beer but can barely even stand up.
Songs include "I got stoned and I missed it" by Dr. Hook, "Family tradition" by Hank Williams Jr. and "The piano has been drinking" by Tom Waits.

Vader and His Storm Troopers (Thriller)

55 seconds
I wish that was my job! Dressing up as Star Wars characters and dancing around. Looks like fun!

Fun With Water

Various funny things that have to do with water. Some of the things, not so funny.

1 minute 26 seconds

Cruel Yet Funny

1 minute 33 seconds
This poor girl has narcolepsy and these guys think it's a good idea to enduce her narcoleptic episode. At first I thought it was cruel but then I just kept on laughing. I guess now they are married...
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