Stupid Drivers

Every one seems to be in a hurry these days.

1 minute 44 sec

Duck Stampede

I'm not sure whats going on but these ducks are determined to get to their destination.

1 minute 4 sec

The Soup Nazi

Some of the funniest parts of Seinfeld "The Soup Nazi"

2 minutes 57 sec

Marc Ryan

7 minutes 29 sec

Still Punching

Even while knocked out he still wants to fight.
19 seconds

Show Off

This guy should learn to fight rather than jump around.
55 seconds

Need a lite?

What are friends for!

Boob Crusher

36 sec

Another hilarious faceplant

During a dance competition this dude faceplants horribly but recovers kind of nicely.
The reaction from the judges is the best.

Hilarious Dance Faceplant - Watch more free videos
52 seconds

Funny signs

3 minutes 15 sec

A Very Laid Back Kind Of Bear

A bear trying to relax on a hammock.

1 minute 1 sec

Talented hand specialist

William Tell Overture makes music out of his hands!

1 minute 10 sec

Kids In The Hall

Lucky penny

3 minutes 31 sec

Singing Lions

This video gets better as it goes on.

1 minute 19 sec

"C" is for cookie

Back to the basics?

1 minute 33 sec

"Give me your tots"

Kid tries to bully Napoleon into giving him some of his tater tots.

42 sec

News Radio

Phil Hartman explains how he can get a job at any radio station.

40 sec

Chimney trouble

Guy gets stuck in chimney only to get abused by a woman.

2 minutes 20 sec

Who pooed in the pool?

Disgusting but hilarious!

1 minute 9 sec

Girl pees while lifting weights

How embarrassing is this!

I don't know why but I laughed instantly when I saw the tittle of the video.
9 seconds

Poor kid eats the stairs on his way down in a basket

14 sec

Human Vs. Bear

This bears footwork is great!

30 sec

Monkey Teases Dog

First the monkey tugs on the dogs tail and then his leg. Hilarious!

12 sec

Monkey with bad habits.

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