It 's official! I don't ever want to meet Mike Tyson.

8 minnutes

Lewis Black

He explains why things are not right?
Those thing's get on my nerves as well.
Part #1 on Broadway, tons of swearing so look out... If your ears are virgins then do not listen!??

9 minutes 7 sec

Just the beginning of his hilarious point of views.

Eddie Murphy

For the people that haven't seen RAW here is your chance to check it out!
About 26 minutes into the video Eddie talks about women in the 80's. Apparently not much has changed?

1 hour 28 minutes and 54 sec
The true message of this video?
Supposedly from India?

4 minutes 39 sec

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks stand up
Not suitable for children.
May he Rest In Peace...

28 minutes 20 sec

James Carrey,Basil White

James Carrey is too funny!
This first one directly below, is earlier in his career.

3 minutes 10 sec

Basil White is a great stand up comedian. Check him out I thought he was good. Again, some vulgarism to it?

22 minutes 50 sec
"I like to move it"
(I think it's called?)

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