Michael Winslow

Famous for his sound effects in Police Academy and sometimes up on stage he's the best I've ever heard.

3 minutes 5 seconds
Michael Winslow - Sound Effects
Uploaded by Kezmond

Funny Faces

While flying in a jet this guy can barely handle it but its funny to watch.

Almost Heroes Highlights

Certain parts of the movie were great! Chris Farley of course is hilarious in most of his movies. Matthew Perry worked well with Farley in this movie.

10 minutes 19 seconds


One of my favorite movies "UHF"

15 seconds

Dancing Granny

Not a care in the world...

1 minute 3 seconds

Taste Test

Would you let someone blind fold you in a mall and be confident they wouldn't mess with you?

1 minute 29 seconds

Jim Gaffigan

Under 2 minutes


3 minutes 5 seconds

What's In The Box

Hysterical woman can't figure out what's in the box.

55 seconds

Hockey Bite

Jarkko Ruutu bites Andrew Peters through his glove.

20 seconds
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