Library Farting

3 minutes 30 seconds

Tom Papa

This guy is hilarious! I remember seeing this back when and it's still funny.

5 minutes 1 second

The Best Part Of "Old School"

Will Ferrell takes a tranquilizer to the jugular! Makes me laugh every time!

2 minutes 19 seconds
Although it probably wouldn't be funny in actual life. I wouldn't know?

Kirk Fox "smirnoff and sonic"


31 seconds


41 seconds

Kirk Fox "the comedy festival"

It seems like he becomes a bit more comfortable, pass the half way mark.

6 minutes 51 seconds
Kirk Fox

John Oliver "one long sentence"
Preview - John Oliver - National Pride
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1 minute 49 seconds

Triumph The Comedy Dog

Some unseen footage at the beginning of this video. At least I have not seen it. Always funny, the insulting comedic dog, Triumph!

10 minutes 31 seconds
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