Bill Burr

Hilarious stand up by Bill Burr called "Why do I do this" If you have not seen this guy you can be up to a rude awakening? This guy is brutally honest! Some people may get offended but give it time and he may change your mind the longer you listen to him. He rips on everything and everyone, no one is excluded. Not even when he speaks about himself. Part 1 It's strange to me when they bleep out certain words but not others. 9 minutes 20 seconds Part 2 10 minuyes 40 seconds Part 3 9 minutes 38 seconds Part 4 10 minutes 13 seconds I hope you enjoyed it. He says a lot of realistic things. Things that may be hard to except at first but after a little while it might make sense? I got a good laugh out of it! Hope you did too.

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